Enhance Your Appearance With Nose, Lip & Under Eye Fillers In Dubai


Fillers are basically injections used to conduct a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment focused on adding volume, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. This particular aesthetic treatment is just what you need if you wish to regain a youthful and smoother appearance. It is the ideal option for those interested in plumping up their cheeks and lips, filling the lines and enhancing their overall facial contour.


Types Of Dermal Fillers In Dubai


As time goes by, you will notice wrinkles and lines appearing on your face. Later on, the creases will become considerably more prominent. But worry not as you can easily get rid of this with highly effective injectables that can restore the contours and eradicate lines and wrinkles.

There are several different types of fillers available these days to rejuvenate different areas of the face. At Dr. Tazyeen Gynae And PolyClinic LLC, we offer:

  • Lip Fillers
  • Cheek Fillers
  • Under Eye Fillers
  • Chin Fillers
  • Nose Fillers
  • Dermal Facial Filler For Lines, including Marionette Lines, Smiles Lines and Nasolabial Folds



Once the treatment has been conducted, it has the potential to last for 18 months. During this time, the team at our highly advanced clinic will deliver follow-up treatments after four to nine months from the initial appointment.  For dermal filler treatments, the average time is six months.

Side Effects

The side-effects experienced after injecting fillers are temporary, and include:

  • Tiny bumps under the skin
  • Swelling, redness and bruising at the injection site that may diminish with cold application


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During the initial consultation, the team of highly qualified practitioners at our clinic will examine the area to be treated and then suggest the most suitable dermal filler products accordingly. With our expertise, you can be assured of the best results. If you wish to rejuvenate your skin and enjoy a more youthful appearance, then book an appointment at our clinic by calling us at +971 4 3746922 right now!