General Obstetrics


Pre Conception Counselling
Prenatal counselling
Diagnosis of chromosomal fetal abnormalities in very early pregnancy at 9 weeks gestation by doing maternal blood test (Non Invasive Prenatal Test)
Treatment of threatened miscarriage
Treatment of recurrent miscarriage
Treatment of hypothyroidism in pregnancy
Management of pregnancy with hypertension
Management of pregnancy with diabetes
Management of pregnancy with gestational diabetes
Prevention of premature (pre term delivery)
Dating ultrasound scan to decide expected date of delivery
Estimation of fetal weight
Evaluation of Gestation
Weight management in pregnancy for overweight ladies
Evaluation of risk factors to prevent complications in future pregnancies
Early pregnancy diagnosis
Management of hyperemesis gravidarum
Management of normal and high risk pregnancies
Management of anticardiolipin antibodies syndrome in pregnancy
Management of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome in pregnancy
Management of cholestasis of pregnancy
Management of hashimoto’s (autoimmune) thyroiditis
Management of pregnancy with thrombophilia positive cases
Management of pregnancy with anemia
Management of twin pregnancy
Management of thrombocytopenia in pregnancy
Normal vaginal delivery
Instrumental vaginal delivery
Lower segment C – section