Infertility Treatment in Dubai – Preparing your Body for Pregnancy


All the Ladies should go for Pre – Conception Counseling including as follows

  • GERMAN MEASLE SCREENING ( Blood Test ) – All the ladies should be immune against German Measles because if they are NOT Immune and they get during pregnancy then rubella infection can cause Severe Congenital Fetal Abnormalities.
  • FOLIC ACID – All the Ladies should start at least 3 months prior to pregnancy, otherwise due to deficiency of Folic Acid their Fetus can have Neural Tube defect and other Congenital Abnormality. By the time the pregnancy test came positive they are already 4+weeks pregnant. It is an eye opener to all the ladies the Importance of Folic Acid by reading this Article.
  • VAGINAL INFECTION SCREENING – Sometimes silent Vaginal Infection like Chlamydia can cause permanent congenital blindness in the Fetus. Most common cause of congenital Blindness in the world in undiagnosed chlamydia Infection. Some Vaginal infection like Ureaplasma Urealyticum can inhibit the fertilization because the Bacteria can bind to the sperm head and not allowing the sperm to fertilize in the egg. Most importantly, vaginal infection can cause premature delivery and even Miscarriages. In some cases both partners should be treated by proper Medications.
  • THYROID FUNCTION TEST (Blood test) – It is necessary to check your Thyroid hormone Level if you are trying to conceive. Due to deficiency of Thyroid hormone one can have Miscarriage or baby’s IQ Level could be less than what should be genetically. Proper Diagnosis should be done as Thyroid problem sometimes very tricky. Thyroid Hormone levels should be within Normal limits before trying for pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and IRON (Blood test) – Vitamin Deficiencies should be treated prior to pregnancy to give birth of a healthy Baby.
  • SREENING for THALASEMIA + SICKLE CELL DISEASE (Blood test) – is important. If one partner will be positive then the partner needs to be checked, otherwise if both partners will have thalassemia or Sickle Cell carrier then baby could have Thalasemia major or Sickle Cell Disease.
  • COUNSELLING about CIGARETTE’S and ALCOHOL USE in Man it can affectsperm quality. In Pregnancy smoking + alcohol can adversely affect, even passive smoking is harmful in pregnancy.
  • POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME – In case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Insulin needs to be checked and should be treated to avoid miscarriages due to Insulin resistance.
  • OBESITY – Because of Overweight, women can have Hormonal Imbalance hormones that can lead to irregular Menstruation and difficulty of having Ovulation. In pregnancy also increased risk of Hypertension + Diabetes and Increase the fetal + Maternal Complications. Husband’s weight also should be considered as Obesity is associated with poor sperm quality and decreased Libido. Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 5 to 24.9 prior to pregnancy to avoid Complications.
  • GENETIC PROBLEMS – Family history should be taken properly, there are certain Genetics disorder that can be screened antenatally by prenatal testing.
  • If there is any History of MEDICAL or PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS and she is on Medications then it has to be checked first if it is safe in pregnancy and her disease is under control
  • HYPERTENSION – sometimes due to high Blood pressure, certain medications needs to be changed and patient may need to start Aspirin from the very beginning of pregnancy to avoid fetal growth restriction and development of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.
  • MTHFR GENE MUTATION (Blood test) – As above mentioned Folic Acid is necessity if you are planning to have a baby. Presence of MTHFR Gene Mutation can cause deficiency of Active form of Folic Acid and can lead to Congenital fetal defect and ? Autism.
  • CLOTTING and ANTI CLOTING FACTORS (Blood test) – Some ladies may have Imbalance between clotting and Anti-Clotting factors, which needs to be treated with low dose of Aspirin and Anticlotting blood thinning injection heparin to prevent miscarriage and Intra Uterine Growth restrictions.
  • HEALTHY EATING – Green leafy vegetables, fruits, Lentils, protein and dry fruits should be more in their Diet. Avoid carbohydrates, sweets and fizzy soft Drinks. Avoid raw egg meat + sea food, fish with Mercury.
  • EXERCISE – makes a big factor in your health like Yoga or at least daily walking.
  • If you have a Cat then stop handling the cat feces because you can get TOXOPLASMOSIS which is harmful for the pregnant ladies.
  • HUSBAND – should be started on Multivitamins and antioxidants which improves Sperm quality + count. They should stop smoking and Decrease Alcohol intake.