Adnic Insurance (Platinum)
Amity Insurance (General & Comprehensive)
Almadallah (GN & GN+)
Allianz Worldwide Care Products (Arab Orient Insurance Company PSC) Gold
Al Ain Ahlia (Interglobal) Gold
Aetna RSA (IHP, RHP, Healthy AEssentials- Gold, Pearl, Silver & Bronze)
Aetna Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co. (PSC) Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
Drydocks World
Inayah TPA. L.L.C (Diamond & Platinum)
Iris Health Services Insurance (Titanium Network and Gold Network)
Neuron LLC (Comprehensive)
Now Health International (All Network with Direct Billing- Outpatient mentioned on the card)

Nextcare Insurance (GN+, Comprehensive- Allianz Worldwide Care)
Saico Insurance ( Amber & Gold)
MSH International ( MSH International Logo and all MSH International Insurance Card Holders of Al Alameya Plan- Platinum and Comprehensive) Networks mentioned on the cards.
Whealth International ( Diamond & Platinum)