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Approximately 10 million reproductive-aged women worldwide are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).Although its underlying causes remain unknown as of yet, experts believe it is a hormone-related disease that specifically impacts female fertility and a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. There is no known cure for PCOS at the moment, but it can be managed effectively.

Manage Symptoms Under The Guidance Of A Leading PCOS Specialist In Dubai

If you have PCOS, you may experience these three symptoms:

  • The presence of multiple cysts in the ovaries
  • Extremely high levels of androgen (male hormones)
  • Irregular periods caused by a lack of progesterone (a female hormone that promotes fertility and menstruation)

Hair loss, weight gain or obesity, acne, unwanted hair growth (hirsutism), mood changes, and sleeping problems are all possible symptoms of PCOS as well. A gynecologist in Dubai that specializes in PCOS can help you get rid of and manage these issues, particularly if you are looking to conceive or regulate your cycle.

Consult With The Best Gynecologist In Dubai For PCOS

Our clinic is led by UK board-certified gynecologist Dr. Tazyeen Faisal and offers a comprehensive variety of women’s health services and treatments. Dr. Tazyeen has more than 27 years of experience as a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, providing in-depth knowledge about women’s reproductive health. Our practice takes a client-focused approach to medicine, ensuring that each patient receives the highest quality medical treatment and attention from our team of specialists and the best PCOS doctor in Dubai.

Symptoms of PCOS can mimic those or other serious conditions, so it is important not to ignore them. Treating your PCOS using the right PCOS Specialist in Dubai ensures that you receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatments in a timely manner. Our practice offers thorough consultations to help determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

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