Baby & Child Vaccination in Dubai

Dr. Tazyeen Gynae and Polyclinic LLC provides an essential range of vaccination and immunisation services for babies and children aged from 0 to 6 years old. Our team of medical specialists provides expert advice on the recommended vaccines to be taken at each stage of your baby or child’s growth

Our vaccination services are intended to protect children from preventable diseases and ensure they are in the best of health as they grow and develop.

Led by Dr. Tazyeen Faisal, one of the leading and respected Gynaecology and Obstetrics specialists in the country, our polyclinic provides holistic health care services to women and their young ones.

Our services for child and baby vaccination in Dubai cover the following:

• HPV (Gardasil) Vaccine
• MMR Vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
• Hepatitis B Vaccine (Engerix –B)
• Vitamin B12 Injection (Forte Hevert)
• Vitamin D3 Injection (Devit 3)
• Flu Vaccine

Our vaccination service is guided by international standards on paediatric medical care to enable children to develop the immunity they need to fight off diseases and grow up to be healthy and happy individuals.

Consult with us to know more about vaccination for your baby

Getting your baby vaccinated is the first step to ensuring his/her good health and robust immune system. Whether you have a newborn baby or a growing toddler, our vaccine services can help you protect their health and their future.

Make an appointment at our modern and well-equipped clinic located at the Detroit House Building in Motor City, Dubai. If you need more information or you wish to speak to our staff, you may get in touch with us through telephone (+971 4 3746922) or email (